In the commercial and industrial sector, it is crucial to get construction right from the start. At Leser build, our expert team can assist you with creating your building plan. If you already have a plan, we can execute a build best suited to them.

The first step to a successful new commercial or industrial construction is to evaluate the land properly. Leserbuild can organise and execute this crucial land evaluation process right from the start, ensuring the outcome is the best facility to suit your enterprise.

At Leserbuild, we are experts at getting the whole project finished. From managing external landscaping right through to the internal shelves and cabinets, attention to detail is part of our process. We can get your shop front looking exactly how you need it to so you don’t have to.

Even when all the construction and installations have been taken care of, we know the jobs not done till the facility is operational for you. We make sure you have the right power plan, water, gas and other services that you need to suit your operation when we hand over the keys to your business.