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    Open plan offices

No matter what sort of construction work you’re doing residential, commercial or industrial, before getting started it’s important to get the plans right. At Leserbuild we’re happy to help you through putting together plans with our expert team or you can bring your plans to us and we can build to suit them.

The first step to a successful new commercial or industrial construction is to evaluate the land properly. Leserbuild can organise this crucial land evaluation process working with you right from the start to ensure that the outcome is the very best facility to suit your enterprise.

For many companies the process of setting up a new location can be an arduous process organising and managing contractors for all the aspects of preparing the property. At Leserbuild we’re experts at getting the whole project finished. We can manage the external landscaping right through to the internal shelves and cabinets of a detailed fitout. As well as being masters in new construction, these skills and resources mean we’re the best choice for shopfront renovations and fitouts. Whether you’re after manual or auto doors, aluminium or timber counters, glass, MDF or plaster partitioning we have a depth of experience which means you can get your shop front looking exactly how you need it to.

Even when all construction and installations have been taken care of we know that the jobs not done until the facility is operational for you. We can make sure you have the right power plan, water, gas and other services you need to suit your operation all ready to go when we hand over the keys.