Company Profile

The company personnel are divided between the on-site construction team and the management team in the office. The management team consists of a business manager, an estimator, contract administrator, a draughtsperson, a financial administrator and an office manager. The construction team consists of a site supervisor, site foremen, carpenters, apprentices, labourers and truck drivers. The number of employees in these roles varies with the contracts in operation at any one time. To provide for specialised skills such as plumbing and electrical, we also sub-contract approximately forty licensed local traders and specialists further afield as required. The company has had a strong commitment to nurturing local talent in the building industry. Leserbuild is well known for sourcing trades people with a proven track record and commitment to providing exceptional standards. This uncompromising eye for detail and standards is a feature of our work ethic.

Leserbuild has capably undertaken projects, often concurrently, demonstrating efficient team management both in the office and in the field. The overall satisfaction of clients reflects the capacity of the company to successfully provide a diverse range of quality building services from small to large projects.

As a local company, Leserbuild prides itself on its “after sales” service, maintaining contact with the client after the completion of building to ensure that all aspects of the project meet or exceed the clients’ expectations. The number of repeat contracts we receive bears testimony to this.

The Company’s Work Health and Safety Management Plan has minimised the number of work related incidents. The company meets all building and safety code requirements, with personnel regularly attending industry training seminars to ensure currency and compliance. Leserbuild also provides regular training to staff.